What Loving a Married Man Taught Me

The Huffington Post | January 4, 2016

Love is indeed complicated but every experience teaches us a valuable lesson. This is what loving a married man taught Mark.

Why Our Need for Closure Makes Us Selfish

The Huffington Post | July 9, 2014

The ending of any kind of relationship can be difficult but Mark is a firm believer that every season ends so that something more beautiful can bloom. He views every ending as an opportunity to start over, renewed, with a clean slate.

Often Unspoken: Racism within the Latino Community

Fox News Latino | June 13, 2014
As Latinos continue to be one of the fastest growing minority groups in America, Mark explores racism within the Latino community that is often unspoken of as Afro-Latinos are often left on the outskirts of their community.

On Loving Men Beyond the Erection

The Huffington Post | February 13, 2014
A piece that discusses a moment in Mark’s life when his sexuality was redefined. Inspired by an experience he had with a man of the trans experience–“On Loving Men Beyond the Erection” defies the stereotypes that are often associated with same-gender loving men and calls upon others to openly discuss what loving men means to them.

Coping With Shame: An Open Letter to Dr. Brené Brown

The Huffington Post | December 18, 2013
An open letter to shame researcher Dr. Brené Brown whose book, “Daring Greatly” inspired Mark to talk about his shame, depression, and how he plans on coping with shame. 

After DOMA I Stand A Bit Taller, With More Dignity

Fox News Latino | July 10, 2013
After a historic ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States, Mark talks about the impact the DOMA ruling had on him as a Latino.

BET Isn’t the Only One Policing Gender

The Huffington Post | July 8, 2013
After BET forces media maven/socialite B. Scott to change their appearance at an award show, it needed to be noted that BET isn’t  the only one policing people’s gender.

Daddy Yankee, Victim of the Machismo Culture That Saturates Latino Community

Fox News Latino | April 8, 2013
Reggaetón superstar Daddy Yankee finds himself in the midst of a social media frenzy over rumors about his sexual orientation when multiple news outlet and people begin to speculate whether or not the Puerto Rican artist is gay.

Latina Dedicates Life to AIDS Prevention

Fox News Latino | August 16, 2012
A feature on a Latina’s journey of entering the public health field and helping others through AIDS prevention work.