creative writing


Love is elusive—
Your greatness they adore
Your heart they ignore

In the Distance: In Memory Of…

I will always hold you near
No matter how far away
Through the pain and the tears
Our memories will never go astray
It’s the distance one fears
Knowing you’re so far away
In the distance I’ll see your face
And that glowing light of grace
Just knowing you’re in a better place
Makes the distance fade away

Cover Me

Cover me
I am nude
Bare to the bone
Isolated and alone

Cover me like make-up
Masking imperfections on this face
Creating an illusion of grace.

Cover me
Be the shirt on my back,
Shoes on my feet
Dig deep
To cover and discover me

Matthew’s Way

There’s a hint of orange in your hazel eyes
As a child, I thought those eyes would get you far in life
Women would line up; success was yours for the taking
Your dirty blond hair and caramel skin
You were a handsome boy
But somehow life did not pan out
The way your mother hoped

You fucked up
Repeated his ways
The man who never knew how to be a dad
You held onto that rage
As you entered her raw
Planting seeds you never intended to nurture
You lied
It was the only way you knew

You struggled to admit he touched you
You only knew how to repeat
The cycle, becoming a runaway criminal
On the run
On the run
On the run

But you
Can never outrun the voices in your head
From the city of sins
To the city of red socks
To eventually finding yourself
Exhausted from the run
Boxed in
Like a captive bird

And the orange in your jumpsuit
Compliments your hazel eyes


Arching my back
To snap the perfect shot
I’m bare
Maybe this will make him react
Make him so erect
That he won’t notice how empty I am
I’m blank
All that remains is shame

Arching my back
He does not even know my name
All he knows is that I’m thick
Uncut, curvy, and unafraid to show it all
He may think I’m easy
Another fast track

Arching my back
Inviting a stranger’s touch
Lusting for his lips as I sway
My hips side to side
Waiting for a momentary rush
Between the sheets
All that remains is a body filled with shame

Arching my back
Snap after snap
Pretending it was just a photo
It did not mean anything
He could look but not touch
Until I found myself in the back seat of his car
I felt cheap
My lower back pressed against the door
Trying to ignore every thought telling me
“You deserve more”

Arching my back
So another stranger could hit my spot
He said,
“You could build walls with the bodies
You’ve given your all
Did any of them ever make love to you?”

16 Rounds

There are only two types of killers—
Those with no authority to shoot and
Those whose badges give them authority to
Pull the trigger

One shot
Two shots
Three shots
Four shots
Five shots
Six shots
Seven shots
Eight shots
Nine shots
Ten shots
Eleven shots
Twelve shots
Thirteen shots
Fourteen shots
Fifteen shots

And on sixteen he rested
Concluding that shots to the head mean
The black boy is dead
I mean the “criminal.” “thug.” and “drug user.”
No, I mean every black and brown boy in America
No, I mean every black and brown girl in America
Because the victim is created in the image of Goliath
While the officer, the killer
Is made to look like David


Loving yourself is not ego
It’s a means of survival
In a world that insists
You are not lovable

Ode to My Body

Forgive me for I have forsaken you,
Thrown you into the lion’s
Pushed you to the core of your being
Until you began to break


Still I adore you.

We met at conception
You were premature
Given the task of being my keeper
Of holding my soul within you


Still I adore you.

For without you, I could not be the dancer
You have given me the facility to live my dreams
I adore you and all your glory,
No matter how worn out you are,
No matter how your weight fluctuates,
No matter how your muscle spasms interrupt my sleep
Remember that I adore you
Even as I run us both to the ground.